International intensive short-term education and training course of nuclear nonproliferation for undergraduate and graduate students

Nuclear Nonproliferation Education and Research Center

Nuclear Nonproliferation Education and Research Center

제4기 핵비확산 연구장학생

The 4th NEREC Research Fellows in 2019



No Name Affiliation Major Research Topic
1 Min Seung KIM Seoul University International Studies The Dilemma of US Nuclear Export Controls: Assessing US-ROK Strategic Partnership
2 Andrew Son Seoul University International Relations Elite-Public Information Asymmetry, Contrary Information, Preference Reversal and Nuclear Development
3 Lee, Hwajun Yonsei University Political Science The Norms of International Society and Nuclear Proliferation: Focusing on the Model of Norm Proliferation and the Efficacy of Sanctions
4 Han Sol Jung Seoul University International Studies An Assessment of the State-Run Derivatives in Key Industry Export Packages
5 JISUN KIM Seoul University Nuclear Engineering A Study on Roadmap for North Korea's Denuclearization


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