International intensive short-term education and training course of nuclear nonproliferation for undergraduate and graduate students


Nuclear Nonproliferation Education and Research Center

Nuclear Nonproliferation Education and Research Center (NEREC) of Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) is currently the sole university organization for non-nuclear proliferation research and training. The center has been run as a think tank undertaking education and research to foster international nuclear non-proliferation conducive to peaceful use of nuclear technology.


undertake education and research with the goal of fostering global nuclear nonproliferation conducive to peaceful use of nuclear technology

  • Objectives
    • train and nurture nuclear nonproliferation human resources
    • conduct nuclear nonproliferation policy research combining technical expertise and policy insights
    • lead discussions on the peaceful use of nuclear technology and various aspects of nuclear nonproliferation
  • Founding Purpose
    • and foster elite scientists for the future, equipped with basic theories and capability for practical applications
    • out both long and short term basic and applied research that enables the nation’s strategic technological advancements
    • research collaborations with a diverse pool of research institutions and industries
Organization and R&D Structure
    Prof. Man-Sung Yim

    Nuclear & Quantum Engineering Dept, KAIST  

    Associate Vice President, International Office, KAIST

    • Advisory Board
      • Universities

        SNU, Kyunghee U, KNDU, Handong U

      • Technology


      • Policy

        The Sejong Institute

    • Faculty
      • Prof. Bong-Geun Jun

        Korea National Diplomatic Academy

      • Korea National Diplomatic Academy

        The Sejong Institute

      • Prof. Soyoung Kim

        GSST, KAIST

      • Prof. Hyunseok Park

        School of Humanities and Social Science, KAIST

      • Prof. Sungyeol Choi

        Nuclear & Quantum Engineering, KAIST

    • Researcher
      • MS/Ph.D. students of NQE, KAIST

      • MA/Ph.D. Student of Graduate School

      • of S&T Policy, KAIST

    • Staff
      • Program Mansger

      • Administrative Staff

  • Collaboration Within KAIST
    • Dept. of Nuclear & Quantuum Engineering

    • Graduate School of Science and Technology Policy

    • Schol of Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Domestic Cooperation Partners
    • Korea Nuclear Policy Society

    • Korea Nuclear Society

    • Nuclear

      KAERI, KINAC/INSA, KONICOF, KORAD, Doosan Heavy Industry

    • Think-Tank

      KNDA, EAI, Sejong Institute, Korea National Defence Agency

    • Government


  • Overseas Cooperation Partners
    • US

      Harvard Belfer, Stanford CJSAC, MIT, Geogia Tech, Tennessee U, USKI at SAIS, Partnership for Global Security

    • China

      CIIA, SIIA, Tsinghua U, Shanghai Jiaotong U, Fudan U

    • Japan

      JAEA, TITECH, Nagasaki U

    • EU

      KTH, SIPRI