International intensive short-term education and training course of nuclear nonproliferation for undergraduate and graduate students

Research Areas

Nuclear Nonproliferation Education and Research Center

Technology and policy issues on prevention of nuclear proliferation
  • Examination of nuclear proliferation risk in the future and the development of deterrence measures
  • Enhancement of state-level nuclear transparency considering uncertainties of nuclear proliferation scenarios
  • Development of evaluation model for state-level nuclear security
Global Nuclear Governance
  • Enhancement of International regime to prevent and respond to the potential nuclear proliferation risks
  • Nuclear cooperation among Korea, China and Japan to strengthen nuclear nonproliferation in Northeast Asia
Responsible and Sustainable Use of Peaceful Nuclear Energy
  • Examination of nuclear fuel cycle technology development based on its proliferation-resistance and its use in Korea
  • Examination of multi-national nuclear fuel cycle cooperation for nuclear newcomer countries
  • Introduction of nuclear nonproliferation culture to nuclear newcomer countries
  • Improvement of nuclear security in nuclear facilities against insider threat
  • Development of pyro-processing safeguards technology