International intensive short-term education and training course of nuclear nonproliferation for undergraduate and graduate students

Nuclear Nonproliferation Education and Research Center

Nuclear Nonproliferation Education and Research Center


A one-year fellowship to enhance the interest of students in political or social science domain to nuclear nonproliferation policy research and to build up their research capabilities and policy development capacity of Korea in the long run

Applicants for the Fellowship
  • Master or Ph.D. students of political or social science major in Korea
Research Areas
  • 원자력 기술의 사용과 관련된 핵비확산 및 핵안보 분야의 국내외 정책 현안
  • 2 million KRW for one year
  • one-to-one research mentoring: Supervision by professors from Nuclear and Quantum Engineering Department of KAIST and other related institutions
Final Outcome
  • Publication of one paper to a journal or an academic society