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2017 International Conference on Nuclear Nonproliferation

2017 International Conference on Nuclear Nonproliferation

  • Date: August 7 – 8, 2017
  • Place: KI Building, KAIST, Daejeon, ROK
  • Host: KAIST Nuclear Nonproliferation Education and Research Center (NEREC),  Korea Institute of Nuclear Nonproliferation and Control (KINAC)
  • Sponsors: Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, National Research Foundation of Korea
  • Participants: About 140 domestic/foreign experts on nuclear nonproliferation and students
  • Agenda: Three sessions, Brownbag seminars, Summer Fellows poster presentations
Day 1: August 7(Mon.)
8:30~9:00 Registration
Opening Session
9:00~9:30 Moderator So Young Kim, KAIST
Welcoming Remarks Sung-Chul Shin, KAIST
Congratulatory Remarks Jaeyoung Son, KINAC
Session Ⅰ

Nuclear Nonproliferation Challenges 2017: What we see and What we do

9:30~10:45 Panel (1)
Chair Steven Miller, Harvard University


• Scott Sagan, CISAC, Stanford University
• Etel Solingen, UC Irvine
• Bong-Geun Jun, Korea National Diplomatic Academy, MOFA

10:45~11:00 Break

Panel (2)


Kwan-Kyoo Choe, KINAC

• Steven Miller, Belfer Center, Harvard University
• Dingli Shen, Center for American Studies, Fudan University
• Tariq Rauf, CTBTO
• Howard Hall, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

12:15~13:30 Break
12:30~14:00 Brown-bag
Topic (1) - Confronting North Korean Threat : Trump’s policy options?
- Speakers : Dingli Shen, Etel Solingen, Bong-Geun Jun

Topic (2) - THAAD and ROK-China Relations

- Speakers : Jacques Hymans, Zou Zhibo, Yong-Sup Han

Topic (3) - Current Status of Iranian Deal

- Speakers : Tariq Rauf, Francesca Giovannini, Justin Hastings

Session Ⅱ Nuclear Power in Korean Peninsula
14:00~15:30 Panel (1)
Chair Scott Sagan, Stanford CISAC
Speakers • Kwang-Seok Lee, Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute
• Seong-Whun Cheon, The Asan Institute for Policy Studies
• Dong-Joon Jo, Institute for Peace and Unification Studies, Seoul National University
• Duyeon Kim, Korean Peninsula Future Forum
15:30~15:45 Break  
15:45~17:30 Panel (2) Debate on ‘Nuclear Sovereignty’ in South Korea
Moderator Yong-Sup Han, Korea National Defense University
Korean Perspectives • Il Soon Hwang, Nuclear Transmutation Energy Research Center, Seoul National University
• Seong-ho Sheen, Seoul National University
• Jacques Hymans, University of Southern California
• Zou Zhibo, Institute of World Economics and Politics, Chinese Academy of Social Science
• Masato Hori, Japan Atomic Energy Agency
Poster Session - Nuclear Nonproliferation Research Community in Korea
17:30~18:30 Presenters • NEREC   • Nuclear Nonproliferation Think-Tanks
18:30~20:00 Dinner
Keynote Speech by Kwan-Sup Lee, President and CEO, Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Co., Ltd.(KHNP)
20:00~21:00 Side Event (Closed meeting of NEREC Fellows) • NEREC Research Fellows Certificate Award
• 2017 NEREC Summer Fellows Program Commencement Ceremony
• NEREC Summer Fellows Alumni Meeting
Day 2: August 8(Tue.)
Session Ⅲ Nuclear Newcomers and Nonproliferation
9:00~10:40 Panel (1)
Chair Etel Solingen, UC Irvine
Speaker • Tran Thanh, Vietnam Atomic Energy Institute
• Hosik Yoo, KINAC
• Justin Hastings, The University of Sydney
10:40~11:00 Break
11:00~12:40 Panel (2)
Chair Kwan-Kyoo Choe, KINAC
Speaker • Francesca Giovannini, American Academy of Arts and Science/Tufts U.
• Howard Hall, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
• Man-Sung Yim, KAIST
Closing Session
12:40~12:50 Closing Remarks • Kwan-Kyoo Choe, KINAC
• Man-Sung Yim, KAIST
12:50~14:00 Lunch


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